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Howard Kubinski, President

Howard Kubinski, President

In 1924 Walter Kubinski moved from Steubenville, Ohio, to Erie, Pennsylvania to become the branch manager of the Royal Typewriter office. Walter left Royal and started his own business, Kubinski Business Machines (currently doing business as Kubinski Business Systems).  When his son, Ed Kubinski , Sr. took over in 1946 he introduced electro-mechanical products to the company.  His representation of Cincinnati Time Recorder Company catapulted Kubinski Business Machines into the local leadership position in time clocks and parking control equipment, a position we still enjoy today.

In the early eighties, Ed’s two sons succeeded him and brought the company into electronic age.  Now, nearly 70 years later, grandsons Howard and Ed Kubinski, Jr., are managing a technology business that Walter wouldn’t recognize.  Of the products traditionally associated with the words “business machines” – typewriters, copiers and calculators – only copiers remain a significant product within the company.

The depth and complexity of our product offerings surprise even our long-term customers.  For instance, our restaurant point-of-sale cash register systems provide accuracy and control for most of the leading restaurants in this area.  In addition to controlling costs, the systems interface directly to back-office computers and provide the owner with timely operational and financial information.

We also install retail point-of-sale systems which allow owners to make more profitable decisions since information on “up-to-the-minute” inventory levels, gross margins and product sales history are at their fingertips.

Our time clock business of the past has grown into electronic time and attendance systems, where time is recorded using employee badges, biometric finger or handprints or entered from remote locations using the Internet and PC’s.  Our system provide for direct interface to payroll service bureaus reducing time and costs for our customers.  And since shop floor data collection is becoming more important to small companies, we sell terminals that allow a company to track time spent on different jobs, departments and operations.

“Total office automation” is a term often used in today’s media.  Nobody understands completely what that will entail, but the main goal is connectivity.  The computer, copier, phone system and facsimile will be integrated into one network along with various input and output peripherals.

At Kubinski Business Systems, we will invest in keeping our employees current on the latest trends in technology.  Our customers will always be able to count on us to find out what is new in the markets we serve.  We intend to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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