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Retail and Food Service Cash Registers


Kubinski Business Systems Cash Registers History

Kubinski Business Systems is proudly celebrating 75 years of business and in the tri state area and 32 years of cash register sales and service.  The cash register industry has evolved significantly over the years and we have been right there along with it the entire time.  We are extremely confident in the cash registers that we sell and believe that we have a product to suit every customers need.  SAM4S is a part of the Samsung cash register division and is really the top of the line when it comes to electronic cash registers.  Every cash register that we sell comes with programming, installation, training, and an in house service warranty to suit every customer’s needs and expectations.

Our Current Product Line of Cash Registers


Available Cash Register Integration Products

  • E-Pad Kitchen Video Display System
  • Bixolon Kitchen Printers
  • Surveillance System Sales Overlay
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Credit Card Swipe Readers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Coin Dispensers
  • Pole Displays
  • Scales

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