Small Games of Chance

Kubinski Business Systems Small Games of Chance History

On December 1, 2011 Kubinski Business Systems finished the in house development of software that is now called “KBS Small Games Of Chance”.  This software was developed to meet the need of social clubs and lodges to track the sales of all small games of chance sold within their establishment in a fast, accurate, legal, and unbiased manner through the use of a touch screen and cash drawer system.  We do not sell any actual games of chance; therefore we do not care where the customer purchases them from. It is our only goal to help keep accurate records of all gaming sales within the establishment in preparation for submission to the department of revenue.

 Benefits of Our Game Tracking System

  • Unbiased to customer game suppliers
  • This system produces reports and information that are more than adequate in preparation for BLCE and the Department of Revenue submissions
  • The ability to use a counting scale with the system for weighing leftover tickets
  • Can be purchased as solely a game tracking system
  • Can be purchased in combination with our COMTREX food and beverage system
  • We are the only local company that can offer you this type of a system with the ability to pay for it as a Cost to Operate Games
  • We service all Hardware and Software supplied to our customers
  • Always includes a full service in house warranty on all hardware and software
  • We have this system currently running in a large variety of clubs/ Lodges including American Legion’s, VFW’s, Moose Lodges, Elk’s Lodges, etc.
  • We provide many other products to social clubs and lodges therefore our goal is to treat our customer fairly and build a long term business relationship

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