SHOULD I update my technology?

In the last few years, there have been many advances and changes in technology, whether it’s cloud services, artificial intelligence, data management and analytics, or even just plain old fashioned IT services. It is fair to say that any or all of them can impact your business. But while some of the solutions may appear to be a great fit, ultimately, they may not be the best option, all depending on the specific needs of your business.

It’s important to separate and understand which solution will best help in the growth of your business, from those that will ultimately wind up being just another toy in the tool box. Or that was nice while it lasted. You want to make choices that let you focus on your core business, not on having to manage the technology that helps operate it.

So how does a Small to Medium sized business, or you as an owner wearing at least 3 different hats most of the time, make those decisions. Other than calling us immediately, here are 5 key points that we would focus on in our initial discussion with you…

Focus on Your Pain Points

Talk to Your Team

Look Closely at Your Financial Model

Understand What Skills You Have and What Skills You Need

What You Can Do Right Now

A Closing Thought…
Understand that with the explosive growth of technology, and solutions, there has also been significant growth in the options available to you to implement and manage it. While your organization may not have the resources internally, there are many third-party options like us available. Often a partnership with an organization like ours offers you access to a higher level of expertise and resources and is usually more cost effective than finding and adding the right FTE’s. Working with us also allows you to focus on the core needs of your business.