Automated Time and Attendance

Kubinski Business Systems is a Regional Leader in timekeeping solutions that reduces labor cost, and free up your company’s talented work force, so that their skills and creativity can be utilized in a more effective and beneficial way. Save time, money and valuable resources by automating the time keeping process with one of our solutions.  The software from Infotronics and Attendance on Demand allows you to:

  • Gather information by providing comprehensive reporting
    • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly flexible, customizable report formats for your needs
  • Automate your time keeping workflows
  • Provide accurate calculations taking into account a variety of complex labor and payroll rules
    • Our software can track:
      • Complex pay rules
      • Attendance monitoring
      • Benefit accruals and balances

Whether you are a controller looking to streamline operations, a payroll manager looking for real-time, up-to-date reporting, or a supervisor looking to free up the time of your employees, a software suite from Attendance Enterprise or Attendance on Demand will be a modern and welcomed addition to your company.

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