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Amano MJR7000 Calculating Time Clock

The Amano MJR-7000 Calculating Time Recorder totals regular and overtime hours worked on employee's time card - for any pay period. Automatic card feed eliminates overprinting. Optional features include two levels of overtime, custom IN and OUT rounding rules, lunch break deductions, paid breaks, early in/late out controls, lockouts, and more. Choose MJR-7000 for 100-employee capacity, or MJR-8000 for 250-employee capacity. Bundle Includes Free Setup, Free Time Cards, and Free Lifetime Technical Support.

Product Features

  • Calculates and Records Hours Worked
  • Computes Regular and Overtime Hours
  • Two levels of Weekly or Daily Overtime
  • Heavy Duty Metal Construction
  • 100 Employee Capacity
  • Up to 50 lines of calculations per card
  • Supports 24/7 Operations
  • Optional Lunch Break Deductions
  • Flexible Time Rounding Rules
  • Time Revisions to control Early IN and Late OUT
  • Customizable exceptions tracking
  • Programmable Holidays
  • Perpetual Calendar with Leap Years
  • Internal Battery protects settings when power is off
  • Quartz Accuracy for minimal time settings
  • Desktop or Wall-Mount (Hardware Included)
  • Optional Signal Interface for Bell/Horn