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MRX 35 A140 2

Amano MRX-35 Calculating Time Clock

The MRX-35 Electronic Calculating Time Clock records regular and overtime hours worked right on employee's card! This time clock offers reliable and economic attendance tracking solution for business with less than 50 employees. Designed for weekly or bi-weekly pay cycle, this model offers many features to simplify your payroll recording - including optional rounding rules, lunch deductions by daily hours worked, and custom time zones for overtime control and exception tracking.

Product Features

  • Calculates and Records Hours Worked
  • Computes Regular and Overtime Hours
  • Two levels of Weekly or Daily Overtime
  • 50 Employee Capacity
  • Allows up to 4 Punches per Day
  • Optional Lunch Break Deductions
  • Flexible Time Rounding Rules
  • Time Revisions to control Early IN and Late OUT punches
  • Customizable exceptions tracking
  • Large Digital Time Display
  • Perpetual Calendar with Leap Years
  • Internal Battery protects settings when power is off
  • Daylight Savings Time changes automatically
  • Quick Ribbon Replacement
  • Quartz Accuracy for minimal time settings
  • Desktop or Wall-Mount (Hardware Included)